With A Little Help From Our Friends

I am tardy again and I guess I just can’t get used to this Blogging thing. But just a few words concerning our upcoming concert on May 3rd. I have been friends with Jerry Williams for many years and when he approached me about a joint concert between the band he directs in Pine Bluff and our NLR Band I was elated. The community bands of our state do not have an association or such that allows us conversation between ensembles and we all seem to have much different concert schedules and programming, so joint ventures are not very common. It is always a good thing to see what the other fellow is doing and this will bring together two bands that have similar demographics as to personnel but much different ways of operation and scheduling. we are about twice the size in numbers as the PB Band and adhere to a schedule that is set for a year at a time and follows the same basic pattern each year, The PB ensemble takes a much more flexible approach to scheduling and plays many more small venues than we do because they are able to fit places that we cannot go. But as different as we are we still share the common ground of playing music in the traditional concert band setting. we keep alive the promise made to all beginning band members that music can be a life long pursuit. Our band is made up of musicians from their teens to a 90 year old, and I am proud of that fact. And when two groups of musicians from two different cities can come together to play music it just adds to the greatness of what we do. So join us on May 3rd at seven pm at Lakewood Village as we play with a little help form our friends.

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  1. Susan says:

    Rico-Thank you for all that you do to keep this very important tradition going in our community. Your time and efforts are deeply appreciated. It is an honor to be associated with this fine group!